Friday, 16 September 2011

Root Beer Cinnamon Rolls... take 2, er 3.

This is my second attempt at Root Beer Cinnamon Rolls... and the frosting turned out a little bit better but it's still not quite there... I'm gonna retry them again this weekend - like Sunday or early in next week if possible... I'm almost there...

This time to try and bring out more Root Beer flavor I used Root Beer extract... but it didn' t quite cut it - maybe it was the brand I used. If anyone has experience with Root Beer extract, can they send their suggestions my way - just comment below. Here's what I used:

I mostly chose it over the other brands because it just looked so kitchy and I liked that old fashioned design to the label. When you open up the bottle - the smell is so strong... but I must of used more than a tablespoon of extract in the frosting... and that's not usually the case when I work with other extracts... also kind of bothered me that the frosting turned a chocolate brown...

although, in a kitchen concoction tonight at dinner, I've discovered that Root beer mixed with chocolate milk tastes a lot like Tootsie  Pops (the chocolate ones, of course).

So, If I can perfect the Root Beer Cinnamon Rolls... I may also throw in a bit of chocolate into the mix... because, in my opinion - Root beer + chocolate = good combo!

In which case... chocolate brown frosting will be acceptable!

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