Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sweet Rolls-o-Rama... recipe ideas

I've been getting back into baking rolls again - something about this time of year - I think it's because it's so cold and gloomy and baking sweet things just livens up the senses and warms the house, too.

Today I'm baking Corn Rolls - yes corn rolls that you can eat. Not to be confused with corn rows. And I plan on stuffing them with a variety of fillings. Hot dogs and melty Cheddar as well as a more classic butter, sugar and spice filling - but not cinnamon - something hot like cayenne pepper. Really any filling that you like in your corn bread you can add to the corn rolls. 

I made corn bread last night in honor of my grandfather, his birthday anniversary just passed and I teach my children about people they may never meet in this life by celebrating their birthdays every year with a favorite meal of that person. 

I skyped with my Dad the other night and he reminded me that his Dad, my Grandfather loved good old comfort food from the Depression Era. And he was a southern boy. He liked Navy bean soup with ham hock, and corn bread. And he like green onions with salt. We skipped the green onions with salt - but we did eat one of his favorite desserts which was lemon meringue pie. It was my first time baking that - I actually did lemon meringue bars. They were so yummy. Meringue is way easier to make than I thought it would be. I'm totally going to make Lemon meringue sweet rolls in the future - cause it sounds so yummy to try.

Anyway, what I discovered with this corn bread recipe that I made last night is that my kids absolutely do not like anything chunky in their corn bread. As soon as they got to a piece of corn in the corn bread they were spitting everything out back onto their plates. I rolled my eyes. Gosh they are so picky. So, when I bake these rolls today, I will not use a chunky corn filling - 'cause I don't want a repeat of last night.

Lemon and Blueberry Sweet Rolls...
I think I could add lemon and blueberry to my Corn rolls with  great success.

So be looking for a few recipes to come - Corn Rolls - Sweet corn rolls, Lemon meringue rolls, and I'm just putting this out here too - I had this idea the other day - and I gotta try it out - Pumpkin Stracciatella Sweet Rolls... I gotta combine two of my all time favorite rolls :)

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