Tuesday, 8 February 2011

8 sweet rolls to try...

Honey Sesame Rolls (made with Tahini) from Amy at Playing House

Photo credit: Playing House blog

I like the idea of tahini in sweet rolls because, you know, I have some tahini in my cupboard, and I'd much rather have sweet rolls than hummus... well, you know, usually, at least I prefer sweet over savory ;)

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Cinnamon Rolls (with a secret ingredient) from Amber at Sprinkled with Flour

Photo credit: Sprinkled with Flour blog

The secret ingredient is mashed potatoes. I've tried that before in a donut recipe and in bread... potato bread. And it's so moist and yummy, definitely gotta try it here.

Pomegranate Cinnamon Rolls from Laura at Sweet Savory Planet

photo credit: Sweet Savory Planet blog
Yes, you are right, Laura... the pomegranate seeds do look like jewels... I'd love to try that pomegranate glaze of yours - mmmmm good.

Cinnamon Rolls with Apple from Villa Alps

Photo credit: Villa-Alps
These are probably the most beautifully braided cinnamon rolls I have ever seen. I'm usually in a hurry just to eat my creations that I don't care what they look like because sweet rolls with the right ingredients usually taste good no matter what... but I think I'd love to try making mine look like Villa Alps cinnamon rolls. See comments section for extra explanation on how to achieve this look.
Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls (Vegan, Gluten free, Soy free) from Allyson at Manifest: Vegan

Photo credit: Manifest Vegan blog
I've done pumpkin cinnamon rolls before but I'm interested in these ones because they are vegan and gluten free - which is good because I know a handful of people that don't do wheat and milk... so I may like to try these ones one day.
Pigamon Rolls from John Dawson at PatioDaddioBBQ

Photo credit: PatioDaddioBBQ blog
I tried a bit of bacon in my Polynesian-inspired sweet rolls last year. They were awesome. But in this recipe the bacon is candy like and all over the top and it does look really interesting to me. Plus I love the name and a side of humor is always good!
Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls from Angie McGowan at The Family Kitchen/Babble community

Photo credit: The Family Kitchen
Another pumpkin recipe, but this one puts candid ginger in the filling as well as pecan and tops it off with caramel sauce. Mmmm good. Plus I love pumpkin so I can never tire of another pumpkin cinnamon roll recipe.