Tips and Tricks

Please feel free to add your own tips and tricks in the comment section! Many Thanks :)

Cooking Conversion - Weight to Volume:
I have found a very useful tool online. This is a food conversion calculator for cooking and it calculates based on weight to volume. Very cool because you can also select what you are converting. For example, the density of powdered sugar is different than granulated sugar and so forth. So you can enter what you are baking with and what amounts to convert. So I'm hoping that this calculator is more accurate than others that I've seen. I found it here.

Easy Clean-up: Use parchment paper/baking paper - this I always use - it saves me a lot of time and it will for you, too!

One way to save time and money when I come up with new sweet roll combinations - I do this, see: Time Savers; I also look to other foodie blogs for ideas, see: Ideas and Inspiration

Kneading dough... I knead my dough like I'm kneading pottery clay and that has always worked for me. However, I recently came across a useful video which shows another way to do it. I'll post the link below. Either way you work your dough out probably doesn't matter too much - just as long as you do it because it helps the dough become elastic and that is good for getting it to the desired consistency. So...the written word on it here and the video here.