Monday, 14 March 2011

Cinnamon Roll Doughnuts with Warm Vanilla Glaze and Sprinkles

Two things I love combined into one delicious threat treat. Okay, okay - it is threat to my diet and my hips. But they are so yummy!

C'mon, who doens't love a crispy and creamy donut dipped in warm vanilla glaze? And who doesn't love cinnamon rolls?

I haven't met a person, yet!

They are real easy to make. Just put together your most favorite cinnamon roll recipe and when it's time to bake - you simply fry them. I have a tip here though - do not include butter in the filling. It's gonna have enough of that fat when it's fried. 

I actually used a donut recipe for the dough found here. It turned out beautifully. I tried these out twice - once making them with a cinnamon roll recipe dough and once with the doughnut recipe dough - and I liked them better with the recipe at said link. They were just a lot more fluffy like a doughnut should be.

I used a slightly different glaze - using only powdered sugar, milk and vanilla extract.

And for my filling using just dark brown sugar and cinnamon.

So, if you want yours to turn out like mine, then make your dough according to these directions. After the dough has risen, roll out into a large rectangle. Sprinkle with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.

I used 1/2 cup dark brown sugar and 1 heaping tablespoon cinnamon. Roll up and cut into 24 equal slices. Place on prepared baking sheets (parchment paper works like a charm - or a buttered and flour dusted pizza pan) and let rise a second time in warm place (like a warm oven - on the lowest setting).

Meanwhile, heat up your deep fryer. I realize some people don't own deep fryers. That's a pity. You may do it like this awesome blogger did it then. Which is where I originally found this most delicious doughnut and which inspired me to do cinnamon rolls in the deep fryer. She also has a nice step-by-step tutorial. And she also made chocolate cake doughnuts. I also made chocolate cake -cinnamon roll doughnuts. And I'll post that chocolate lovers delight another day ;)

On a side note: did you know that most Dutch households own a deep fryer? They do not, however, own a slow cooker like most American households.

Okay, when you fry the cinnamon roll, let it slip into the oil off the spatula. Then flip it over. Let it fry about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes before flipping it again. For a total of about 4 minutes. It can go longer, but I like them lightly fried - just like store bought donuts. Remove and allow excess oil to soak into paper towels.

When they are cool enough to handle, dip into prepared warm vanilla glaze. I used about 1 cup sifted powdered sugar and 2 to 3 tablespoons milk. Heated in small saucepan over low flame. After it started to gently boil, I turned the heat off and left the pan on the burner. Now, stir in about 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract - and if you have any 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon extract. 

After dipping cinnamon roll in glaze, let the extra glaze drip back into pan and then place back on wire rack to cool completely. If using sprinkles - use those first before the glaze sets.

And that's it!

I discovered that I like my doughnuts at room temperature and my cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven. That's kind of a funny quirk about me.

Do you like to eat your doughnuts warm or cool?


  1. Oh my word! My mouth just totally filled up with drool! I wish I could have some of those!

  2. Oh wow, these look so neat. Such a great idea and the sprinkles make them look so fun.

  3. How did u roll and cut them? SIZE

  4. roll and cut them? - oh you know, i just roll it up and cut it - with a knife preferably - i know some people are very much perfectionists and use string like floss or something, but i'm not a perfectionist... that's part of the reason i love to bake sweet rolls, they don't have to look perfect unlike cupcakes ya know! so roll it up - with your hands and then just slices 'em up into as many rolls as you can get :)


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