Wednesday, 23 June 2010


So, a while ago I came across the Blurb community. This is a website where you can download software to make your own photo books. Lots of websites have them. I could even create the book through Hema - or any site where you can make a photo book. The thing I like about Blurb is that there is a whole community around the site. It's different from say a Hema, Kruidvat or where you are just ordering a photo book of your kids photos because some people are using it to publish books - like cook books.

I will probably do more research as the time goes on as to which site I will use to publish Sweet Rolls that Rock but it may be that I use Blurb. Or if it's as popular as I hope it to be - maybe some savvy publisher will contact me... wouldn't that be great?!

Okay here is a list of books that I like the layout of:
Induldge your tastebuds with Hong Cho
The Yummiest Cookie
I Cooked That
No Empty Chairs

and finally a link to the blurb blog for tips and advice, etc.

From what I saw from the books above that I liked most was good photography. And from other cook books that I've seen my favorite thing is when there is a photo for each recipe. I think that's the way it should be done. So remember this Melissa - and do it right!

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