Monday, 26 July 2010

Lemony-Lime Sweet Rolls - Trial 2

Little Ella waiting to test some sweet rolls!

Yummy. I made Lemony-Lime Sweet Rolls again, with a few changes - which were mentioned last time. The rolls in Trial 1 turned out just fine, I just wanted to try it again with some preparation changes. Which I did. And then from the suggestion of a friend (Vanessa) I added some fruit to the batch as well. I divided the dough up into three parts. I used raspberries, blueberries and strawberries... not all together - separately. And by concensus we liked the Lemony-Lime Sweet Rolls with Raspberries the best. Yummy - yummy. The others are good, but the raspberries paired the nicest. So to use the raspberry variations - I rolled out the dough - spread it with one third of the Lemon filling and then I scattered frozen raspberries over the top. Rolled it up and cut them into slices. Drizzled another 1/3 of the filling over top and then let those slices rise again and then baked them. See recipe in Trial 1. I took them to the birthday party I attended saturday night and they didn't last long... although everyone loves cinnamon rolls - on a warm Saturday evening in Summer - these rolls were quite the hit!

Just before they baked in the oven - colorful Lemony-Lime Sweet Rolls with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries


  1. Somehow lemon doesn't sound all that delicious to me but they sure were good; and I mean very very good.

  2. These look really, really good! I always bake, but never get to feature them at my blog for two reasons: they are either eaten within seconds, or they are too"unpresentable" to even feature.

    Ill try this!


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